Backtrack: A Music Podcast

One - A Ring A Ding Ding

Episode Summary

Hi. Hello. We are here. Schools out for summer (TM), and its Pride Month. We split the episode up into two parts... so don't be alarmed when it really does not seem like we're wrapping it up at all and there's only 60 seconds left. More is coming, but in part 1 - Charli XCX does a lot of stuff [that is not her album but we still love it], Dominic Fike baffles music journalists over the age of 30, Jai Paul simply exists and we are all indebted to Jai Paul, J listens to a "whole album all the way through" -__- and M still is not down for Chris Brown, like at all. See the show notes for the artist lineup and playlist, or check out!

Episode Notes

(Playlist linked here)

LINEUP (In order of appearance):