Backtrack: A Music Podcast


Episode Summary

Welcome to our pilot episode of Backtrack, where siblings M & J chill in a car and play fun tunes for each other while struggling to describe them using words other than ‘lit’, ‘sick’, and ‘classic.’ The basic idea is that we recap some of the week’s music news, and at some point we each have a new-ish track and an old-ish track to talk about more in depth. Essentially, instead of constantly texting each other about songs we want the other to listen to, we force each other to listen to them and then record the whole thing. Featuring Full Crate, In The Blue Shirt, Ryan Hemsworth, and Avicii (RIP Avicii, 1989-2018). See the show notes or visit for the companion playlist!

Episode Notes

Featuring Full Crate, In The Blue Shirt (linked because it’s not on Spotify), Ryan Hemsworth (again, not on Spotify), and Avicii (RIP Avicii, 1989-2018). (Playlist linked here)