Backtrack: A Music Podcast

We're Both Young & Sick

Episode Summary

Welcome to Backtrack, [I’m M,] and I’m J, and we’re saying it in the description because we literally forgot during the episode, so... Yeah. This week, M talks about rap middle children for a loooong time, J pulls us into dancey spring summer vibes, Solange gets a ??? from us and an 8.4 from Pitchfork (lol this is why we leave it to the pros), and neither of us know who Sophie Turner is (we know she’s on GoT now, don’t @ us). Also, M is sick now because she drank out of J's water bottle last week like an idiot. See the show notes or go to for the companion playlists!

Episode Notes

Featuring Maribelle, Penthouse Penthouse, Jojo, Tennyson, benny blanco, 2 Chainz, JULiA LEWiS, Young & Sick, Paul Mond, BETWEEN FRIENDS, Aaron May. (Playlist linked here)